Chris the Freelancer

Chris the Freelancer is a website I created to document my digital nomad journey and report on the location-independent movement in general. I designed and developed this website using Wordpress and Underscores and all the content on the website, I produce myself. 

Chris the Freelancer includes a YouTube channel which includes my own videos on remote work and travel.

You can find Chris the Freelancer at

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Nomad Spaces

An exercise in Javascript and the Google Maps API, I wanted to create an online listing of co-working spaces, searchable by location. 

I built the website in Ruby on Rails but the app itself is rather front-end focused. Ruby on Rails is used to serve up the database which is then converted into JSON and used to create the list and the map.

I also used the front-end framework, Ratchet to create an entirely different website for mobile use. Therefore, be sure to check out the website on your phone also. 

You can find Nomad Spaces at

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